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///Tight & Toned

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    Formulated to boost your ATP energy cycle, ATP FEMME provides that quick energy boost you need to banish fatigue so you can get your cardio going or do some moderate intensity weightlifting. The pioneering water-soluble formula lets you neatly sidestep the water retention and bloating that plague women who use powdered supplements. ATP Femme helps you get the job done without the jitters; it starts with a performance boost by increasing anaerobic glycolysis, and then supports you as you make a smooth recovery.
  • Just like men, women too experience enhanced performance and muscle accumulation in response to creatine types such as creatine monohydrate. This natural substance is crucial for strengthening effects in women. But, a lot of women feel hesitant to consume creatine because of the belief that it causes water retention. Some women do experience water retention after the initial couple of weeks after they start consuming creatine. That is why to battle this problem, MMUSA - the leading health supplement brand – has formulated various serums to undo the side effects caused by creatine on women’s bodies. Presenting EMPOWER – a pre-workout formula containing creatinol o phosphate designed for women. The magic potion for getting firm and tone muscles quickly without any side effects. The product comes with a promise for giving intense energy boost without inducing the feeling of bloating or dehydration. The formula contains a perfect balance of nutrients designed especially for muscle strengthening requirements of the female body. Advanced formulation with no side-effects A product that boasts of being absolutely bio-available, Empower is absorbed by the body in no time. Since it’s absorbed by the mucous membranes of the tongue, it doesn’t need to go through the digestive tract and hence works its way quickly into the system. The advanced formulation causes no cramping, fluid retention, or digestion issues. No side-effects whatsoever!
  • TONED UP helps women do strength-training without looking bulky like a bodybuilder. This pre-workout formula lets you increase your intensity and get leaner without getting into a catabolic state (when your muscles are breaking down, not building up). Water-soluble TONED UP is quickly absorbed and generates energy fast while avoiding the water retention and bloating that female athletes often experience using creatine and other amino acids in powder form. Ready, set, TONED UP.