It's a battle of will, It's man versus machine. Will against weight. It's pain management. It's sports science, It's feats and strength and test of endurance. Right now, you are in a mortal fight with who you want to be. It's not a workout, It's a battle.
Flexibility. Strength. Endurance 
Flexibility. Strength. Endurance 
ENDURUS 3 SERUM description
Prepare yourself for the ultimate finishing line aerobic energy boost with a Creatinol-o-Phosphate engineered synergistically for endurance athletes. Endurus 3 will keep your muscles contracting well beyond regular shutdown from inflammation and pain while delivering intense mental focus and clarity.


Surge Ahead of the Pack with a Burst of Instant Power.

Best For:

Runners and endurance athletes who want to enhance their speed, achieve extra strength, better stamina, joint protection and improve overall athletic performance.

How It Works

5 minutes before you exercise, hold the dosage in your mouth until absorbed. When placed under your tongue, Creatine Serum diffuses through your mouth’s mucous membranes and rapidly enters the circulatory system. Enjoy great tasting fruit flavors.


Nutrition facts
Serving Size 5 ml
Servings per container 30

Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Calcium Pantothenate
50 mg
1700 mg
Glucosamine Sulfate
Eleutherococcus Senticosus Extract 1:4
Guarana Extract
L Carnitine
L Glutamine
Green Tea Extract
**Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerine, EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Disodium Benzonate as preservative). Sodium Benzonate (Food Preservative), Natural flavoring, FD&C Red No. 40.


Endurance is your mantra. Your ultimate competition: yourself. With every run, every ride you ask your body for more — to stay stronger, reach further, last longer. Whether you’re training for a triathlon or hitting up your local cardio class, your goal is the same: to power past your previous breaking point by tapping into remarkable focus and stamina when and where you need it.

Endurus 3 is a liquid creatine serum engineered to deliver extended endurance for serious runners and cyclists. Prepare to tap into inner resources of strength and stamina you didn’t know you had and beat fatigue for hours at a stretch.

Rely on Endurus 3 to amp up ATP production and reduce lactic acid build-up, keeping fatigue at bay during even the longest rides and runs.

  • INVIGORATE MIND AND BODY: Focus better, ease muscle aches and improve respiration.
  • SURGE WITH INSTANT ENERGY: Amp up ATP production and release muscle energy stores to access meteoric bursts of energy.
  • BOOST STAMINA: Dramatically increase your lactic threshold so you can go faster, harder and longer without redlining.
  • BUILD MUSCLE: Quickly gain lean, strong muscles that amplify your strength, unlock your power and supercharge your endurance.
  • INSTANTLY ABSORB BIOAVAILABLE CREATINE: Each delicious, water-soluble microdose absorbs in minutes to deliver 2 to 3 hours of performance.
  • RELY ON A SAFE, STABLE SERUM: Safely boost your energy, strength and performance without worrying about toxins or negative side effects.




The ingredients that went into the formulation of Runners Peak are absolutely bio-available and water soluble making them quick to absorb by the body. It’s taken in small doses under the tongue. Water solubility aids in the absorption of each nutrient directly by the mucous membrane; thus avoiding the need to go through the digestive tract. It takes only a few minutes for it to work its way into the system.

  1. Calcium Pantothenate- The calcium salt of Vitamin B5 is a cell- protecting anti-oxidant.
  2. Creatinol-O-Phosphate- Easily absorbed muscle powering compound supercharges strength + power.
  3. Trehalose- Fast-metabolizing disaccharide fuels rapid high energy.
  4. Eletherococcus Senticosus Extract- Anti-Inflammatory adaptogen extends energy + endurance.
  5. Glucosamine Sulfate- Supports structural integrity of joints, connective tissues, + blood vessels.
  6. Guarana Extract- Catalyzes energy production, mental alertness, endurance and fat metabolism.
  7. L-Carnitine- Enables fatty acid transport into cellular mitochondria for energy production.
  8. L-Glutamine- This anti-catabolic is essential to protein synthesis and promotes muscle recovery.
  9. Green Tea Extract- Boosts energy production and accelerates fat burning metabolism.



Creatine Serums require no digestion. It is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth and goes directly into the bloodstream. Creatine serums burn up completely during exercise, leaving no potentially toxic build up.


Q. Is creatine good for athletes?

A. If there were a supplement hall of fame, creatine would make it on the first ballot. With countless well-conducted studies showing benefit for muscle and performance gains and a remarkably low rate of side effects, creatine is often the first supplement that athletes turn to after protein powders.

Q. Can Creatine make you run faster?

A. Speed work is a staple of training, and creatine supplementation is particularly useful for improving performance in interval training. A meta-analysis of existing research showed a 7.5% increase in performance in those taking creatine – which equates to more beneficial training effects for your running.

Q. Is creatine approved by the NCAA?

A. Creatine is a legal dietary supplement that is not banned by MLB, NFL, NBA or NCAA.

Q. Does creatine help with recovery?

A. Creatine is thought to improve strength, increase lean muscle mass, and help the muscles recover more quickly during exercise. This muscular boost may help athletes achieve bursts of speed and energy.

Q. Do you need a loading phase with Creatinol-O-Phosphate (COP)?

A. The benefit of taking COP is there’s no loading phase, no cycling on and off, no bloating and no water retention. Due to the higher bioavailability and absorption of creatine HCL, this loading and cycling phase is not necessary.


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