Formula 99 creatine ester hCL

Creatine comes in a lot of forms. That’s why there’s a lot of confusion as to which form is the best for increasing muscle size and gaining strength.
MMUSA launched the original creatine monohydrate during the 1990s. Since then it has launched several new forms of creatine. It introduced one more version of creatine serum that eliminated all the side-effects associated with creatine consumption that most users report such as loading and maintenance.
After successfully stabilizing creatine in liquid form, MMUSA worked out several other forms of creatine to help athletes.
One of the more recent forms we launched is creatine ESTER HCL. Creatine hydrochloride is more effective and soluble. It doesn’t cause water retention which is associated with powdered creatine. The creatine ester HCL in powdered form doesn’t cause water retention. We called it 99 because 99% of it is absorbed. MMUSA also added Co-Enzyme into this formula to avoid stomach related problems. It contains no fillers or harmful stimulants which is why it is extremely potent as well as delicious.
Our creatine category products are fast absorbing, safe and cause no side-effects at all. All the products are available in natural flavors.