Run faster build muscle blast fat
Are you preparing for a marathon? Or simply wish to be able to run longer, faster and more quickly without feeling burnt out, fatigued or experiencing joint inflammation? Then, Marathon is the product for you.
Why Marathon?
Marathon will improve your aerobic capacity and also help you build leaner muscles quickly. It contains no harmful stimulants or illegal drugs. It improves the VO2 oxygen uptake and bolsters the energy production cycle. It extends the lactic acid threshold, and gives mental clarity that you need for preparing for a marathon. Marathon also soothes sore tissues.
Stay fitter, leaner and keep running
No more shying away from creatine. We know that creatine consumption is associated with side-effects like bloating, and water retention. But, we have added creatinol o phosphate (COP) in our formula. The absorbable creatine form will make sure you don’t experience any of the side effects and only get the energy boost that you truly need.
How COP works:
COP or creatinol o phosphate increases the ATP levels in the muscles. Therefore, it improves the muscular force particularly when the blood flow and blood oxygen level is low.
Now run your heart out with Marathon formulation

Whether you are running 10K or 50 marathons, you will only be as quick as the VO2 oxygen uptake in your muscles. Also, any performance on the field requires mental and spiritual clarity; not just physical strength. Marathon gives you the mental clarity you need to have a winning edge for every marathon.