For a runner, running is life. It’s a form a walking. And runners, the goal is never static. With every run it’s always moving farther. With that in mind – MMUSA created a formula designed specifically for hardcore runners and endurance athletes called – Endurus™ Runners.

A 100% bio-available formula is perfect for boosting stamina, strength and aiding the joint protection with every single run. Endurus™ Runners is formulated to boost the production of lactic acid build-up so you don’t experience fatigue even after running for miles at a stretch.


The ingredients that went into the formulation of Endurus Runners™ are absolutely bio-available and water soluble making them quick to absorb by the body. It’s taken in small doses under the tongue. Water solubility aids in the absorption of each nutrient directly by the mucous membrane; thus avoiding the need to go through the digestive tract. It takes only a few minutes for it to work its way into the system.

No loading or water retention and absolutely no dehydration. No side-effects whatsoever.