This is prime time, It's the race everyone has been waiting for. It's competition at its finest. You versus your self. Hills versus quadriceps. Head against heart, pain going up against pleasure. This isn't a morning run, It's a battle.
Now you can lose even the most stubborn fat in no time with this creatine serum formula. Let this product be your friend who will help you accomplish your fitness goals. A dream body no longer translates to the bombardment of stimulants and harmful ingredients. Presenting to you - an all-natural and safe way to stay fit, healthy, and sexy.


A safe yet powerful thermogenic formula which helps stimulate the fat burning mechanism of your body.

Best For:

For individuals who are looking for a safe source of intensive physical energy that will help them build lean muscles faster without any side effects all the while bolstering their fat burning metabolism.

How It Works

5 minutes before you exercise, hold the dosage in your mouth until absorbed. When placed under your tongue, Creatine Serum diffuses through your mouth’s mucous membranes and rapidly enters the circulatory system. Enjoy great tasting fruit flavors.




Nutrition facts
Serving Size 5 ml
Servings per container 30

Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
100 mg
1600 mg
Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL
Guarana Extract
L Carnitine
Gotu Kola Extract
Methylxanthine (from coffee beans)
**Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerine, EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Disodium Benzonate as preservative). Sodium Benzonate (Food Preservative), Natural flavoring, FD&C Red No. 40.


What To Expect

Ultra Thermo Serum is made of natural ingredients that improve the metabolism rate all the while encouraging the body to burn fat faster and covering it into energy more quickly. What’s more, it contains creatine HCL to improve your ATP energy levels when the workout is intense.

This weight loss formula will keep your energy levels through the roof. Get real, measurable results with Ultra Thermo without the torture of harmful ingredient to get rid of fat.

What It Does


Every ingredient of Ultra Thermo is perfectly soluble, making them perfectly bioavailable. Ready to be absorbed quickly by your body. Taken in small doses under the tongue, each nutrient is absorbed directly through the mucous membranes of the mouth, completely bypassing the stomach and digestive tract. The serum quickly infuses your system and optimizes your metabolism and you begin to burn fat.


Ultra Thermo boost metabolism and energy levels without causing any side effects. It does not burn lean muscle, cause nervousness, tremors or sleep loss. This product took over a year to develop, with the focus of finding the safest, most effective ingredients and formulating how they can react safely with each other in the human body. The result was the thermogenic formula that is safe, natural and visibly effective.

Maintain a healthy body weight and you’ll be in a healthy frame of mind.

What’s More

To help you get more out of your intense exercise this formula has 5 important bio-available and synergistic ingredients selected to support, sustain, and energize:

  1. Inositol- Keeps fats collecting from the body particularly in the liver. Inositol is efficient in converting nutrients into energy.
  2. Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL- Radical muscle powering compound supercharges energy levels.
  3. Guarana Extract- Catalyzes energy production, mental alertness, endurance and fat metabolism.
  4. L-Carnitine- Triggers energy by enabling fatty acid transport into cellular mitochondria.
  5. Gotu Kola Extract- Natural anti-inflammatory increases energy. stimulates circulation.
  6. Methylxanthine- Enhances high- intensity cognitive + neuromuscular performance.



Creatine Serums require no digestion. It is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth and goes directly into the bloodstream. Creatine serums burn up completely during exercise, leaving no potentially toxic build up.


Q. How do I control my hunger so that I don’t binge on high-calorie foods?

A. Including protein and fiber in all your meals and snacks is an excellent way to control hunger.
Fiber from foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans, acts like a sponge to fill up your belly. And protein sticks around in your stomach longer than any other major nutrient, keeping hunger at bay for hours. Good sources of protein include seafood, nuts, low-fat dairy products, and lean meats. Make sure you include these satisfying foods at every meal to help keep you feeling full until the next meal.

Q. Help! I am working out and eating healthfully, but my weight won’t budge.

A. It’s not unusual to hit a plateau during a weight-loss program. Give yourself a “checkup” to make sure you are following the prescribed portion sizes. A little extra food at every meal can add up, and halt your weight loss.

Also, make sure you are getting at least 30 minutes per day of physical activity. How strenuous should it be? The best activity level is comparable to walking to try to catch a bus. The important thing is, if you hit a plateau, don’t get discouraged — get even, by making sure you are burning more calories than you eat.

Q. Are sugar substitutes safe, and how much of them can I consume each day?

A. There are many safe sugar substitutes that can help people lose weight by reducing calories while allowing them to enjoy the taste of sweetness. The government has deemed all the artificial sweeteners on the market safe for normal consumption.

We recommend consuming artificial sweeteners in moderation; a few servings a day is perfectly acceptable. You can choose whichever artificial sweeteners you like.

Q. To help lose weight faster, you should drink water before meals. True or false?

A. True. Drinking water, especially before mealtime, helps fill you up and makes you eat less. One study found that adults who drank two cups of water before each meal lost more weight than those who didn’t.
Water also helps you stay hydrated. When your kidneys are moving water through your body, your water weight is lower.

6 reviews for ULTRA THERMO SERUM

  1. Long J.

    I have been taking these now for almost 3 weeks. I’ve started to noticed a big change in my appetite on the first week. Now, I’m noticing that I’m taking a lot less food to make me feel full. Awesome product.

  2. James A.

    The weight is coming off slowly which I like. No side effects at all. I’m impressed!

  3. Isaac

    Good purchase, it would appear to be working well.

  4. Riley

    Overall, this product helped me lose 5 POUNDS over the last three weeks, and I couldn’t be more excited! I haven’t seen results like that ever in my life, since I began trying to lose weight. Greatly satisfied.

  5. Jada

    It was an exellent workout endurance boost. I can’t wait to use it again. I have taken other products, but Thermo is awesome.

  6. George

    Its only been 1 week but so far I feel more energized and less hungry.

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