So, you’re ready to take your workout regime by storm. You’re ready to work hard, push harder, and test your own physical limits. You’re all set to grab it by the horns. But, intense workouts end-up depleting amino acids like creatine from the muscles; making it difficult for your body to achieve the desired results and recover from all the damage during the workout.

XXTRAA  – a product of the MMUSA – presents to you a powerful and potent blend of amino acids that come with a promise for delivering untiring performance during even the most intense and heavy workouts. Now you can work out at a pace that you’re comfortable with without damaging your muscle tissues.

Fortified with a perfect balance of L-Glutamine, carnitine, zinc, and creatinol-o-phosphate; XXTRAA will fuel your stamina, endurance, and energy levels. It’s also formulated to metabolize extra energy and fat. A premium health product preferred by professional bodybuilders and athletes; XXTRAA will always keep you game up. For the protection of the joints and flexibility; we’ve added Glucosamine.


A bio-available formulation makes XXTRAA perfectly soluble. It doesn’t take long before working its way into your system. Taken in small doses; all the nutrients contained in XXTRAA are absorbed by the mucous membrane inside the tongue. Therefore, it bypasses the digestive tract working its way quickly into the body. It doesn’t take long for the amino acids to enter your muscles as the serum infuses itself in no time.

Now get the power and the strength of the best body you could dream of!