MMUSA is a global athletic lifestyle brand, with an American muscle-building heritage. Our only mission is to make innovative and safe supplements that maximize athletic performance and whole-body health.


MMUSA Inc. is a team with one worldwide mission: to produce cutting-edge muscle building, weight loss, endurance, sexual enhancement, and sports performance dietary supplements. Our single focus is on creating the most effective and safest products on the planet. In order to empower our customers to their highest potential, without side effects, health risks, or long-term injury.


Our history of success began in the exciting Los Angeles bodybuilding scene of the mid-’90s. It was here we introduced soluble Liquid Creatine SerumTM to protect dedicated bodybuilders from unwanted creatine side effects and as a safer alternative to the dangers of supplement overdosing.

What We Believe In

We passionately believe that anyone can achieve the body they dream of- if they invest the time and effort in using our innovative products to take them to the next level. Incorporating the latest scientific data, we devise proprietary combinations of the most proven and promising ingredients to create formulas designed to achieve breakthrough results without compromise.

We believe that aging can be treated as a reversible condition and that vitality and longevity can be achieved through education, exercise, and optimal dosage supplementation. Regardless of age, gender, or culture. Our mission is to create a healthier and happier world – one better body at a time. It’s not a slogan – it’s a promise.



Our precise dosage proportion and balance completely eliminate all side effects when usage guidelines are followed. In most cases, smaller bio-available and absorbable dosages of MMUSA products are more effective than larger doses of our competitors’ products.


Our history tells you more about us than anything else. It’s about achievement and perseverance. Our only mission is athletic performance products for men and women. To empower the mind and body to the highest potential – without side effects and health risks. In order to be true to our original mantra, every one of our products is of premium quality and never promotionally discounted.

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