We understand more than most of our competitors that our bodies have natural limits. And that our modern world is filled with deadly toxins, additives, chemicals, and virulent viruses that can com- promise your health over long exposure – or by sudden infection.

Safe Results Since 1995

For 25 years we have proved that stable, soluble Creatine Serums are the safest and most healthy way to power muscles naturally. 100% bioavailable and clean. In optimal clinical doses. 100% absorbable. Our science is elegant and tested by time.

The Creatine Powder Problem

Creatine powders are diluted in liquid and gorged on in a questionable practice called loading. This often results in over consumption. But only partial digestion. With the possibility of unhealthy levels of accumulation in your kidneys or liver. And other unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects.

Unwanted Weight Gain of 5 Pounds

Powered creatine monohydrate absorbs poorly. And draws water into your muscle cells. This fluid retention causes weight gain. The water held in your muscles creates bloating and puffiness. 5 extra pounds are not uncommon. Fluid retention also triggers dehydration. This can impact athletic performance. Because your muscles are sucking up all the fluids your body needs to function at peak efficiency.

How We Solved This Problem

We’re athletes, coaches, scientists who are dedicated to excellence. Who extensively study athletic performance body fuels, serums, drinks, and supplements – and their effects. We look for important innovations and new techniques. That’s why we offer you a series of safe and effective Creatine Serum formulas for almost every kind of competitive athletic and active lifestyle activity.

MMUSA Serums Are the Safe Creatine For Everyone

MMUSA is for individuals who reach deep inside themselves in order to transform their bodies to be their absolute best. So they can pursue their dreams of stardom. We are also for the 100.000’s of people who simply want to live better, healthier lives. By being stronger, fitter, leaner, and more energetic. Are we for you?

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