Mass Muscle Maximizing Creatine Serum


Build serious mass. Go pro, with longer, more intense sessions that amp up muscle gain for optimal power.

• Pre-Workout Formula
• Boosts Muscle Volume
• Faster Muscle Growth
• Powers Intense Workouts
• No Loading
• No Side Effects


XXTRA Powerlifters' Creatine Serum


MMUSA XXTRA Muscle Builder Creatine Serum - Fast Surging Muscle Power For Bodybuilders' 100% Absorption Boosts ATP Levels Fast. Fuels Muscle Growth Before and After Workouts. No Water Weight Gain or Loading.

• Explosive Muscle Strength
• Pre-Workout Formula
• Power Lifter’s Choice
• Builds Big Muscles Easier
• Fuels Extreme Lifting
• No Loading


Testosterone Code Muscle Building Androgenic Serum


MMUSA Testosterone Code For Men Androgenic Serum. Boosts Sex Drive, Builds Muscle Mass, and Increases Male Vitality.

• 100 % Bioavailable Formula
• Increases Free Testosterone
• Promotes Muscle Growth
• Supports Sexual Function
• Fights Fat Gain
• Boosts Energy + Mood


Alpha Male Testosterone Re-Building Anti-Aging Serum


Naturally boosts your testosterone levels, fights stress and anxiety, and builds stronger, harder and leaner muscles safely.

• Triggers Muscle Growth
• Revives Energy Levels
• Stimulates Male Libido
• Supports Sexual Functions
• Fights Age-Related Fat Gain
• Restores Positive Moods


ATP+ Muscle Driving Creatine Serum


MMUSA ATP+ Creatine Serum Muscle Fuel - Fast + Clean. Pre-Workout Muscle Power. Sublingual Liquid Absorbs Instantly. Safely Supports Fast Muscle Growth; Extends Endurance. No Loading or Weight Gain.

• Builds Lean Muscles Fast
• Fuels Intense Cardio
• Expands Aerobic Capacity
• Improves Overall Stamina
• Boosts Fat Burning
• No Side Effects


Formula 99+


A superior blend of pure Creatine Ethyl Ester Hydrochloride and Coenzyme, this pre-workout will intensify your training even more.

• Increased Muscle Mass, Strength, and Power
• Improved Workout Capacity and Recuperation
• No Loading Phase, Cycling On and Off, Bloating, or Water Retention
• Water-Soluble and Easy to Drink


Massive Dynamics Pre-Workout


Superior creatine pre-workout powder for long-lasting energy and enhanced muscular performance.

• Builds Muscle Mass
• Increases Bone Density
• Enhances VO2 uptake
• Delays Lactic Acid Build-Up
• Gain Bigger, Leaner, and Stronger Muscles


Massive Dynamics Post Workout


A post-workout formula designed to help your body repair and rebuild damaged muscles in the shortest time right after your workout.

• Speeds Up Recovery After An Intense Workout
• Shifts The Body From A Catabolic To An Anabolic State
• Enhances Muscle Growth
• Reduces Muscle Soreness
• Protects Your Body Against Oxidative Stress
• Primes Your Body For The Next Workout


BCAA Omega Whey Protein


High-quality whey protein from organically raised grass-fed cows. Contains three ingredients of particular importance for health- leucine, glutathione, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Kosher certified, soy-free, growth hormone-free, non-GMO and gluten-free.

• Promotes weight loss and muscle gain.
• Boosts glutathione production.
• Helps decrease muscle soreness.
• BCAAs reduce the rate of protein breakdown, helping you gain even more muscle mass.
• High-quality whey protein from organically raised grass-fed cows contains three ingredients of particular importance for health: leucine, glutathione, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
• Enhances muscle building and recovery while preventing the catabolic effects of muscle breakdown caused by high-intensity exercising.

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