Building muscle is a complex process that involves three types of proteins: · Dietary (the building blocks that come from what you eat) · Structural (the types of protein that creates actual muscle fiber) · Functional (the proteins that promote muscle building and keep your body running at peak efficiency) Heat shock proteins (HSPs), sometimes called stress proteins, are functional proteins present in cells under normal conditions. They help ensure that the muscle building process stays on track by correcting missteps as they happen. They also keep the other proteins folding into the right shape to become muscle fiber. When things get stressful at the cellular level (like a sudden jump in the body's temperature or oxygen depletion), HSPs multiply rapidly to protect protein-folding and repair proteins damaged by stress. While researchers have long known about HSPs’ critical role in muscle building, we have made a significant advancement in rapidly activating HSPs to ensure and safeguard proper muscle building. The key word is heat; and our HSP activator increases the body's internal temperature to stimulate the proliferation of HSPs and supercharge safe muscle building. That’s why we call it HEAT.