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Opius leverages one of the brain’s own natural narcotics that’s been dubbed the “love molecule” because of its links to feelings of pleasure. It combines this endorphin-like quality with amazing chronic pain-relieving power.

Athletes love Opius’ one-two punch because it banishes pain and boosts mood; some say it acts as powerful as morphine—but without the side effects or risk of addiction, of course.

5 reviews for OPIUS AM WOMAN

  1. Amir Sarwar


    I purchased this item for my mom who has inflammation is her legs. She has been taking it and has felt way more better on it. I’ve noticed a huge difference. I would recommend this product to anyone that has regular inflammation.

  2. Amir Sarwar


    I bought this product by recommendation of my mom. So far, its great! I take it before anything else in the morning. The usual joint pains and muscle strains are gone after a long day! So happy with the product.

  3. Amir Sarwar


    After taking this product for just 3 days, i can definitely say that there is a significant relief in my persistent back pain. I must say it’s really a great product!

  4. Amir Sarwar


    These capsules really helped in my joint and muscle pain. I’m glad I gave it a try. It has really relieved the pain and made my life easier. Highly recommend!

  5. Amir Sarwar


    This product helps me to manage my chronic & muscle pain. I’m glad I found something that really works.

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