We figured out how to give you more strength, stamina, and focus by formulating KICK™ Pre Match Formula on these three basic principles: 1. You're only as good as your muscles and how much oxygen your body takes. 2. Winning results from being 100% on mentally and spiritually, not just physically. 3. No compromises: get a winning edge without harsh stimulants, illegal drugs, or weight gain. As part of a smart training program, KICK™ Pre Match Formula will help you build lean muscles faster and safely kickstart your energy production cycle. It increases your VO2 max (oxygen uptake rate), extends your lactic acid threshold, and last but definitely not least, enhances your mental focus. Training shouldn’t be a chore—and game day should be something you look forward to. Always. Use KICK™ Pre Match to get leaner, faster, and ready to win.