Stimulate your creativity, establish your focus and improve your mood and productivity.
your mind & mood matters 
your mind & mood matters 
UPLIFT FOR MEN description
Uplift – a natural and safe stimulant for the brain to help you elevate your mood and get out of the slump feeling. It amplifies neurotransmitter signals for peak mental and physical performance at any age. Uplift– as the name promises will uplift the feelings of happiness, pleasure, and emotional well-being.

Natural Complete Mood-Enhancer Support with B Vitamins and Dopamine Precursor.

Best For:

Individuals who wants to have an optimistic feeling- cool, calm and in control.

How It Works

Take two capsules in the morning before a meal with one cup of water or juice.

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Nutrition facts
Serving Size 2 capsules
Servings per container 60

Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride)
20 mg
1406 mg
Phenylethylamine HCI (PEA)
Mucuna Pruriens extract (seed) (standardized to 30% L-Dopa)
Bioperine® (piperine)
**Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients: Hydrogenated Oil and Gelatin.



Made from the highest quality and natural ingredients – Uplift is formulated for offering neurotransmitter support and dopamine metabolism. Created with vital amino acids, it helps improve mental alertness and motor functioning so you will experience razor-sharp focus, better emotional well-being. Additionally, MMUSA has designed this product to eliminate the feeling of restlessness and irritation so you feel happier, more confident. This is a proven formula for enhancing mood and getting relief from depression.

The happier and more emotionally balanced you stay, the more you can achieve in any facet of life including physical health.


Q. Are there really vitamins that make you happy?

A. The vitamin B-6 from your diet contributes to good mental health so you feel energized and happy. It helps you synthesize dopamine, a chemical needed for brain communication that’s involved in feelings of pleasure.

Q. How do I stay positive all the time?

A. Instead of meditating to clear your mind, focus on being present in the moment and fully aware of your experiences. Find a quiet comfortable place and spend some time focusing on your thoughts. This will sharpen your mentality and make you feel prepared , both of which can help you stay positive .

Q. What is a positive lifestyle?

A. A positive lifestyle means a positive attitude and taking positive action. It means focusing on solutions, not on problems. It means constantly improving yourself and your life. A positive lifestyle means a positive outlook and viewpoint, expecting the best, and striving to do the best you can.

4 reviews for UPLIFT FOR MEN

  1. Dennis

    These supplements have reminded the clock back for me by about 10 years. I don’t have anymore of the brain fog that I have had since I got into my thirties. I am actually happy working at home during this pandemic, and can keep up with the demands of everyday life like it’s nothing.

  2. Juancho

    This brain booster is honestly wonderful for anyone dealing with slight or intense stress from work, school, or just everyday struggles. I never get enough sleep because of work, and I now have the opportunity stay focus on my job without getting overly moody. I feel like I get the sleep I need with the energy that the brain boosters give me.

  3. Jonathan

    I’ve tried everything from the holistic approach of drinking a bunch of icky green tea to the medical approach of shoveling down crazy amounts of antidepressants. I’ve also tried stimulants to treat my treatment resistant Major Depressive Disorder, but none of them have worked out to great. These supplement have in a couple of words been life altering. I can finally sleep, eat, workout, or socialize at a steady pace without losing all of my progress in a day or two when I crash from the avalanche of responsibilities.

  4. Ahmed

    I had been having a foggy mind for months now and asked my doctor about it. He suggested this supplement and I must say my mind is a lot clearer throughout the day. It does wonders.

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