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Confused About Cardio or Weights for Quick Fat Loss?

It has been long debated if which exercise is better in weight loss- cardio or weights?

Researchers from Duke University conducted one of the largest studies about which between the two training is better for fat loss. In the study, there were 119 overweight participants who were grouped into three – 1st group did aerobic training, 2nd group did resistance training and the 3rd group did both. The result after tracking them for eight months? The aerobic group reduced more body mass and body fat among other groups.

In that case, it can be concluded that cardio workout is the optimal mode for reducing body fat and mass. On the other hand, resistance training which includes weights is better for building mass and strength in a middle aged cluster.

The result may also explain what cardio does to your body. The exercise gets your heart rate to a target heart rate zone so your blood can pump, body temperature can rise, and your body can burn calories. That is basically all about weight loss.

Overall cardio exercise is a great way to improve your health and fitness as your heart and lungs benefit greatly from consistent cardiovascular exercise activity.

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