Testosterone Code Muscle Building Androgenic Serum


MMUSA Testosterone Code For Men Androgenic Serum. Boosts Sex Drive, Builds Muscle Mass, and Increases Male Vitality.

• 100 % Bioavailable Formula
• Increases Free Testosterone
• Promotes Muscle Growth
• Supports Sexual Function
• Fights Fat Gain
• Boosts Energy + Mood


ATP+ Muscle Driving Creatine Serum


MMUSA ATP+ Creatine Serum Muscle Fuel - Fast + Clean. Pre-Workout Muscle Power. Sublingual Liquid Absorbs Instantly. Safely Supports Fast Muscle Growth; Extends Endurance. No Loading or Weight Gain.

• Builds Lean Muscles Fast
• Fuels Intense Cardio
• Expands Aerobic Capacity
• Improves Overall Stamina
• Boosts Fat Burning
• No Side Effects


Runners Peak Performance Creatine Serum


Advanced formulation for instant energy. Perfect for boosting stamina, and strength with every single run. Experience lesser fatigue even after running for miles at a stretch.

• Supports Strength Training
• Boosts Anaerobic Endurance
• Increases VO2 max
• Improves Aerobic Capacity
• Strengthens Muscular Endurance


Cyclists Fast-Energizing Creatine Serum


Instantly unlock speed and strength with a fast-acting creatine serum for high endurance cyclists. Get a rush of intense power, stamina, and speed.

• Maximizes VO2 Uptake
• Boosts Energy Production
• Prevents Leg Cramps
• Delays Muscle Fatigue
• Fast Absorbing


Fighters Knockout Advantage Creatine Serum


Release your inner warrior with a powerful serum for combat athletes. Get unstoppable stamina, muscle energy, strength, and focus.

• Explosive Muscle Power
• Accelerates Energy Cycle
• Promotes Mental Alertness
• Mitigates Head Impact Damage
• Rapid Intramucal Absorption


Formula 99+


A superior blend of pure Creatine Ethyl Ester Hydrochloride and Coenzyme, this pre-workout will intensify your training even more.

• Increased Muscle Mass, Strength, and Power
• Improved Workout Capacity and Recuperation
• No Loading Phase, Cycling On and Off, Bloating, or Water Retention
• Water-Soluble and Easy to Drink


Massive Dynamics Pre-Workout


Superior creatine pre-workout powder for long-lasting energy and enhanced muscular performance.

• Builds Muscle Mass
• Increases Bone Density
• Enhances VO2 uptake
• Delays Lactic Acid Build-Up
• Gain Bigger, Leaner, and Stronger Muscles


Massive Dynamics Post Workout


A post-workout formula designed to help your body repair and rebuild damaged muscles in the shortest time right after your workout.

• Speeds Up Recovery After An Intense Workout
• Shifts The Body From A Catabolic To An Anabolic State
• Enhances Muscle Growth
• Reduces Muscle Soreness
• Protects Your Body Against Oxidative Stress
• Primes Your Body For The Next Workout


VO2 Max Pre-Race


Get a full-intensity workout every time. Elevate your endurance levels no matter what sport you’re competing in or what training regime you’re following.

• Accelerates Red Blood Cell Production
• Increases Oxygen-Carrying Capacity
• Supports Increased Energy Production
• Enables Higher Intensity And Longer Training Periods
• Reduces Exercise Fatigue

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